Computer Network Scenarios

Example Scenarios

Office Network Installed

Office Networks


No matter whether you have a small office team and require a complete network service, or whether you have a large commercial building with your own IT team who just require cabling and installation assistance, HJB can help.

With vast experience of networking technologies and a bespoke approach to installation HJB can fulfil and adapt to any requirements.

Public Wifi

Wherever people go now, they expect to be able to get connected to the Internet on their phones, tablets and laptops. Installing Wifi in a Cafe, a pub or another public place can bring great advantages to both business and visitors.

HJB has the experience of installing wireless networks in a range of public places and catering facilities.

Catering Industry Wifi Installed
Building Network Installation

Large Buildings


Larger buildings bring another level of complexity and challenges to network installations and HJB has experience in a wide range large scale projects.

Whether you require cabled connections into individual rooms or flats, or whether you want to cover the entire building with Wifi, all can be catered for.

Outdoor Wifi


External networks bring their own problems. Distances can be much greater and it can be harder (if not impossible) to lay network cabling.

HJB has experience in installing a wide range of external networks for a wide range of requirements to be able to find the best technology and installation techniques to suit you.

Campsite with Wifi network installed
House with extended wireless network

Home Networks

Alot of new buildings with thinner internal walls or more compact flats will be perfectly served by a single wireless router provided free by your Internet provider. However older and larger homes normally find that this is not enough.

There are cheap self-install products that can help get around this problem however their performance can be very 'hit and miss'. HJB can design and install a custom WiFi network to bring fast and reliable wireless to your home.



HJB also installs professional CCTV systems. 

Including automatic recording systems and remote viewing from mobiles and other devices, HJB can design and install the best system for your requirements and budget.

Security Camera