Data Cabling

Our data cabling service is available either as part of our complete network installation offering or as a totally separate service, allowing you or your customers to install their own network equipment.

We can work with you to find the best way to retro fit network cabling to any type of building, or we can flexibly work alongside a building project to install network cabling alongside other amenities.

We will happily deal directly with the end user/business and deal with everything from design and installation; we can deal with an IT department to install cabling to their specifications; or we can work with a contractor to install data cabling as part of your building project. 


Our cabling service can also be used on a 'second fix' only basis. This allows your tradesmen to lay network cabling at the same time as installing other cables or pipe work to reduce costs, while still getting a specialists professional finish at the termination points. 

Data Cabinets

Small Wall Mounted Data Cabinet

All Sizes, Colours, Configurations

Wall Mounted or Floor Standing

Small Office to Large Building

RJ-45 Sockets

Dad Trunking with RJ-45 Ports

Wall, Floor or Ceiling Options

Premium Connections

Fully Labelled

Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A

Data Ethernet Cable Inspection

All Ethernet Cable Specifications

Full Certification Available

Internal & External Installations